Heya! I’m Steven Baker. I am a nerd with far more interests than I have time for. On this website, you can find my thoughts, updates on what I’m doing, links to things I care about, and whatever else I care to share.


I have a lot of hobbies. My hobbies include leather working, wood working, home repair and renovation, in addition to the technical things that I’m interested in. Sometimes I do these things professionally, and am open to commissions and selling my work.


I am one half of Dos Amigans. Together with Graham Lee, we explore developing software on classic Amigas, and stream the results. We do this weekly on Thursdays. Check dosamigans.tv for the schedule! You might be interested in this stream if you are a fan of the Amiga computer, retro computering, and software development for the Amiga.

I am also one half of [objc retain]; another weekly stream (Wednesdays at 19.00 UTC). We explore developing using AppKit (also known as Cocoa) development on Free Software platforms like GNUstep. You might be interested in this stream if you enjoy the Objective-C language, Free Software, the Cocoa frameworks, or porting your macOS applications to other platforms.


I am a consultant in the software industry. I help teams understand how to deliver better software faster, often by adopting XP and Agile. I have extensive expertise in, and provide consulting and training on: software design and architecture, agile and XP, continuous integration and continuous delivery, free and open-source software licensing, test-driven and behaviour-driven development, and other things. I have over twenty years of experience in the software industry, and I’ve had a lot of successes (and failures!) within it, so chances are I can help your team.