Speaking at Elm Malmö

I am pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at Elm Malmö on Friday, 23 November 2018.

My talk will be about my early experience with Elm while using it to build FocusFrog, an application for implementing the Getting Things Done method. I’ll be talking about what my goals with FocusFrog are, and why I chose Elm. I’ll cover my entire experience of this implementation, however limited so far. I’ll include what I like and dislike about Elm, what I found easy and natural, and what I found difficult and awkward.

More important than my talk, though, is that Richard Feldman (one of the most prolific contributors to Elm) author of the forthcoming Elm in Action will be speaking and answering questions as well.

If you’re in or near Malmö next Friday, and you have an interest in Elm, or you would just like to say hello and hang out, you should definitely consider dropping by.

The event is hosted at FooCafé, and as always there will be pizza and beer provided!